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Why hire one of us as your Exclusive Buyers Broker...?

Three main reasons;

It doesn't cost you as the investor anything 98% of the time, and the price doesn't go up because of that.

We negotiate for your benefit, and since we have done so hundreds of times, our experience benefits you.

We are able to circle around more options effectively, including FSBOs , foreclosures and other distress sales.

Here's an "Experience Map", showing some of our sales.

Do you need to understand the regulatory environment? What about the temperature of the market? What about contingencies, and how can we structure a deal so that every event in the process falls in my favor? What if there's a leaking oil tank, or the property I want has been over cleared, or a neighbors fence? What does it mean when there are multiple bids...? This is rarely a target practice transaction, but more often a process, challenging at every step unless you're seasoned.

Seasoned pros, Builders and Real Estate Attorneys come to us too...

Exactly. You want a pro on your side that is past the learning curve portion of your investment because you have other things to pay attention to. Plus we give guided tours of the areas, and we haven't gotten lost out here in a very long time.

That's us.

These are the "Exclusive Listings" that we represent, (and even as your exclusive buyers agent we can represent both sides if you want to see one of these), plus we can show you everything else on the market.

With a dynamic pipeline of houses going into contract, closing, new listings coming on, and price improvements make this a market in motion.

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Here's an Exclusive Buyers' Broker Agreement to review, authorize, and send back.

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