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The House market is in motion. This is a good thing. About 2000 homes sell in The Hamptons every year. A contract averages 60 days.


There's Real Estate Information everywhere online. That's a good thing for buyers.
Sometimes there's an overload, and a lot of repeat information.


There is a lot of conflicting information. Incomplete information. Old info. Not a good thing. It's nice to have help through the whole process.


There are literally 381 agents and brokers to choose from. Choice is always a good thing.

Thank you for choosing us. We have state of the art technology, and 30 years of local experience.




We have been in business out of Sag Harbor for 30 years, but every year we close deals for buyers and sellers in at least ten different zip codes. Every town, village and hamlet in The Hamptons...we also help people find real estate professionals in other places. They refer us as well. (send email with desired location)



Current Featured Homes in The Hamptons.


We can show every house to you wherever you see it. Here's a few places to start:









For more choices, call (631) 725-4357 or send us a short note with a description of what you would find interesting, and we will customize a search and send them to you on a map with pictures and sometimes videos.


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