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Simon Harrison

Principal Broker

For the past 25 years, Simon has sold so many houses all over the Hamptons, (particularly in Sag Harbor, North Haven and Noyac), that he can now see through walls and qualify a buyer for a mortgage with just caller ID. He has sold three houses next to each other, in three different waterfront neighborhoods. Simon Harrison Real Estate are on 100 websites in 25 languages and if you're looking for that perfect gem, between $400,000 and $40 million, his firm can show you all seven of them.

John LiDonni

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

John has had some interesting experiences while he was designing clothes for the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Hendrix, etc...quite frankly, the "Who's Who" of Rock and Roll. For the past 20 years he has been on the cutting edge of buying and selling real estate in the Hamptons. A quick glance at his "Sold" portfolio will tell you that he has the same discerning eye for remarkable waterfront properties-but only if they are harmonious with potential, price and location.

Ellen Heller

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Ellen Heller, a working broker since 1991, probably can't be surprised anymore, but remains thoroughly entertained by the business. Having raised two college age boys in the Sag Harbor area, Ellen knows all of the Hamptons well. Her part time work with her husband, attorney David Lee Heller, has been helpful in giving Ellen an intimate, working knowledge of the legal aspects and nuances of a real estate deal. Employing creative strategies, she's able to put together elusive deals. Your deals.

Jerry Pollack

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Jerry brings the best of 30 years of experience as a real estate broker, investor and experienced landlord. There are no more real estate brokerage secrets for him to learn, but he is keen to see the evolution of the business using the latest technology. Jerry is well aware that truth and correct dealings with people in business deals is what causes them to refer Jerry All Over Tha Hamptons, as well as The North Fork, and Manhattan.

Maria Cicio

Administrator/Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

As an “up island” transplant, Maria immediately became interested in Hamptons Real Estate when she relocated to Sag Harbor a decade ago. For the past 8 years she has been an Executive Assistant and Administrator for boutique firms from Sag Harbor to Amagansett. With real working knowledge of the logistics of how deals get completed, she now is an administrator at Simon Harrison Real Estate where she manages and maintains the firms listings on 100 web sites, balances the structured deal flow of the busy boutique office and has become a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

Eileen Sumpolec

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker & Certified Homestager

Eileen Eileen is a Licensed Real Estate broker and certified home stager. Having almost 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, and land transactions, Eileen is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate brokerage both technically regarding bank negotiations, and REOs, and generally including buying, designing, decorating, staging and marketing, and the business of selling properties. She has a natural talent for creating environments with flow, balance, and beauty – all key to marketing and selling homes. Eileen also has broad experience in commercial property management, and residential renovations. Her success was based not only on her creative talents, but also on her organizational ability, efficiency and effectiveness at negotiations, and knowledge of finances. Eileen brings her humor, honesty, and earthiness to every interaction. Over the years, Eileen combined her grace and light-hearted charm in dealing with people, her talent for creating beauty, and business acumen to become a very successful, well-liked, and trusted real estate broker on Long Island, and in particular, in the Hamptons. Eileen is also a certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor.

Ted Seiter

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

Ted was an administrator for a hospital, and ran a other businesses in town, and has bought and sold for his own "tribe" enough to know as much as any experienced businessman. Ted also owns Main Street commercial properties with several stores and apartments. Ted can structure all kinds of deals and recognize pitfalls for either side...the minimum ingredients in the recipe for your own real estate broker.

Margaret Rappaport

Certified Homestager/Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Maggie is a certified home stager and a licensed real estate salesperson. She has had many personal successes with buying, building, designing and decorating, staging, and selling properties. The design and décor of her own home earned her a seat on her town’s Design Review Board. Maggie moved to the Hamptons after a successful career on Wall Street with an electronic equity brokerage firm. The company grew to global prominence during her tenure and Maggie was one of the senior executives instrumental in its growth. As a creative, with an eye for design, and a skilled communicator and marketer, Maggie led the team that won a 1stplace award for the best business-to-business TV campaign, a Wall Street Journal award for the “Best of Issue” advertisement, and she received a plaque from CNN International in appreciation of her assistance in developing their business. It is Maggie’s attention to detail, and innate sense of style and esthetics that will help sell your home in a New York City minute. Maggie also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Dev., Master’s in Psych., and a Doctorate in Higher Educ., and served on the Board of the Creative Education Foundation.

Naomi Pappas

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Naomi Pappas, after obtaining her Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees, concurrently became involved in the Hampton's real estate market and pursued a medical research career. Papers on her work in stem cell research and brain imaging exploring Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, drug abuse and obesity have been published in scientific journals and Time Magazine. She twice received the Brookhaven National Laboratory's Outstanding Achievement Award. She now applies her scientific academic skills to research in the real estate field at Simon Harrison Realty. She will supply all needed data to home owners and search out the perfect property for the exacting customer.

Gitana "Gigi" Albinson

Licensed Real estate salesperson

Gitana “Gigi” Albinson is a full-time resident of Sag Harbor where she resides with her husband and two daughters. You probably know her as the owner and operator of the original Jimmy Jims Take Out Eatery in Noyac. She attended Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Gitana’s career started in banking in Lithuania and continued later at Bridgehampton National Bank as a commercial mortgage documentation specialist. Having been intricately involved in the Hamptons community for over 15 years, Gitana is a valuable resource for anyone looking to sell, buy, or rent real estate in this area.

Stephanie Harrison


Grace Walsh


Grace received her BA in Communications from Flagler College in December of 2012. With a concentration in media production and a minor in advertising, Grace now runs the Simon Harrison Film Department in addition to maintaining all social media accounts

Lynn Charvariat

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Julie Froelich

Photographer / Videographer

Michael McCrum

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Jeannette Dupee

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Meaghan Duffy

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


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