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For Sellers

There are many choices of real estate professionals, and we are grateful for those that have chosen us, and for those that continue to rely on us for the best in buyer and seller representation.
Simon says:
"Listing your house isn't the same as selling it, and its often the middle of the process."

First it makes sense to get a range of value, and that we can get for you quickly. 

Without cost, we are glad to generate a range for your house, parcel of land, or commercial building. We do it all the time in the hopes that you'll see we are the right ones to help you with your important decisions, with valuable information and no pressure to do anything. 

Sometimes people make instant real estate decisions, (really, we deal with a lot of builders and investors), but more often it's a longer process. That's fine too, we aren't in a hurry unless you are.

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